What's New
Check Out What We Are Learning this Marking Period!


Students researched about the different invertebrate groups.  They created Powtoon videos and I movies to share their research!

Students have been participating in Invertebrate Discovery Stations.  They have observed starfish, live earthworms and meal worms, compared Sponge Bob to a real sponge and played an informational Invertebrate game.

Keep a look out on Google Plus for pictures or links to their work!

Food Chains and Food Webs!

Students are learning about energy flow in the environment.  They are creating their own food chains to show organisms interacting and transferring energy.  They used the computer to create food chains. 

Students participated in a live Birds of Prey Assembly presented by Jonathan Wood.  They learned about eagles, hawks and falcons. They learned about bird of prey adaptations and learned about the roles these birds play in the food web.

The Environment

Students are learning about natural resources.  They differentiated between renewable and nonrenewable resources.  They investigated the pros and cons of using fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. They researched alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal and nuclear power. 

As our final project, they created Environmental Children's Books complete with illustrations to share their research.  I have many creative authors and illustrators in my classes!