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Hello My Name Is...  Ben Smith

My Expectations

Students will work to their full potential, participate regularly, exhibit positive behavior, and increase their computer skills.

Classroom Rules

A positive classroom management system and classroom rules are established in the first week of the marking period. Students must exhibit positive behavior and respect at all times.

Listed below are the class rules

        Be on time and ready to work once bell rings

        NO food or drink in lab ~ No gum

        Sit in assigned seat

        Treat fellow students with respect

        Take care of computer equipment/text

        Raise your hand to ask or answer question

Treat Fellow Students and Teacher with Respect

Students working on an assignment need concentration to complete the work properly.  If a student has a question while working on an assignment, students should ask their neighbor for help first.  When helping others, students are to talk quietly.

Each new concept covered will begin with a teacher demonstration.  Students are to stop what they are doing to pay attention to the demonstration and ask questions.  I have Vision software installed on all computers that enables me to take control of all the computers in the classroom.

Student Attendance:

It is very important the students attend school regularly.  Excessive absences affect the content mastery and will affect course grade.  Students are responsible to complete all assignments.  If a student misses a class, the student is expected to obtain the assignment from the teacher.

Getting Help

Students are responsible to complete all assignments. If a student misses a class, the student is expected to obtain the assignments from the teacher and to complete the work for homework or during lunch.

Marking Periods 1 and 3 - Grade 7 Computers

Keyboarding - Use of correct fingering technique, posture, and equipment placement. Letter Keys, Shift Keys, and Special Characters Teacher Drills All the Right Type Software - Learning Lab, Practice Pavilion, Skill Reinforcement, and Testing Center

Word Processing - Microsoft Word 2010

Exploring Google Docs and Exploring the Microsoft Word 2010 Window Keying in Text, Save and Printing Editing and  and Correcting Documents
Spell Check
Formatting - Bold, Italics, Underline, Font Styles and Font Size
Bullets and Number Lists
Line Alignment - Left, Center, Right and Justify
Cut and Paste, Copy and Paste
Clip Art and Pictures

Google Slides and PowerPoint - Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
Various Slide Layouts
Text Box, Clip Art, Digital Pictures, and WordArt
Inserting Music and Video
Custom Animation - Entrance and Creating Own Motion Paths

If time allows:  Introduction to Google Sheets and Excel spread sheet software

Grading - Point System

Daily assignment will be graded with points based on complexity of the individual project assignment, Earned points/total points = Percentage for grade

A = 90% to 100%

B = 80% to 89%

C = 70% to 79%

D = 60% to 69%

F= Less than 60%

Contact information: 215-788-0436 FDR Middle School